Maitland Skip Bins and our Other Services

Maitland skip bins is the no. 1 skip bin service company in Maitland and Hunter Valley. We offer same-day delivery and pick-up of skip bins for your convenience. Here at Maitland skip bins, we have 8 trucks which deliver 6 days a week to fit your schedule. Aside from a range of skip bins in different sizes, we also offer hooklift bin rentals for bigger projects and clean-up services to help you with your rubbish disposal. Contact us now to know more about or products and services.

What wastes can and cannot be placed inside Maitland skip bins?

For the usual home and office garbage, general wastes such as wood, paper, toys, clothes, white goods, yard clippings, recyclable plastics, glass, cardboard, laminate, sporting equipment, furniture, and the like are all allowed inside Maitland skip bins. For other wastes, please see special instructions below:

  • Asbestos (allowed but bin charge and tipping fee charges apply; please schedule an appointment for asbestos disposal)

Since asbestos can be found in many houses built before 1987, asbestos waste is common. Before having asbestos cleaned up and disposed of, consult an expert first or inquire with us about how to remove and dispose asbestos properly.

  • Insulation Material (allowed but bin charge and tipping fee charges apply; please schedule an appointment for insulation material disposal)
  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals, paint, gas, liquid, oil, and contaminated wastes which can cause damage to skip bins are strictly prohibited inside skip bins. Please refer to us so we can direct you to proper collection and disposal facilities.

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It is important that you identify your waste type properly to prevent additional damage costs that may be collected in case of damage to the skip bins. You must also be careful in ensuring that different waste types do not mix together, as this can also make you liable for additional disposal cost.

General Waste Removals - Maitland Skip Bins

If you are not sure what category your waste falls into, you may contact our friendly and professional staff to assist you in determining the waste type of the rubbish you intend to dispose of. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us here at Maitland Skip Bins.