Looking for Hooklift Bins in Maitland?

No job is too big when it comes to collecting and disposing wastes with Maitland Skip Bins. Sure, your all-purpose plastic garbage bags and bins can hold most of your household wastes, but when it comes to large construction or renovation projects, you need hooklift bins to dispose of your large waste loads.

These hooklift bins from Maitland Skips Bins are industrial grade walk in bins that feature a rear opening door that can be accessed with a wheelbarrow to make any job easier and more convenient. Our hooklift bins can hold up different types of waste materials such as general waste, household, timbers, wood, furniture, garden waste materials, dirt, bricks, sand, tiles, and concrete.

It is perfect for large-scale projects such as:

  • Construction waste disposal
  • Deceased estate clean-ups
  • Retail, commercial or residential fit-outs
  • Demolition waste disposal
  • Large-scale residential clean-ups

How do hooklift bins differ from regular waste bins?

Commercial customers are the primary target of hooklift bins because of its high-capacity and durable strength nature. However, residential customers who need the strength and capacity of hooklift bins can still consider these services.

Hooklift bins are moved by trucks by placing a hook through the docking point at the back of the bin. The exterior bin side and a strong, curved metal bae can be found at the docking point. The truck then lifts the bin and sets it in place using point of contact, thus the name hooklift bins. Since hooklift bins can be loaded on ramps using trucks, hooklift bins can dispose of heavy loads that regular, all-purpose full-lifting bins cannot.

Hooklift bins for rent at Maitland Skip Bins

Hooklift bins are the solution for all your commercial wastes. For big projects around Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, and Central Coast, you can take advantage of our hooklift bins services. We offer hooklift bins in the following sizes:

  • 10m3
  • 15m3
  • 20m3
  • 30m3
Hooklift Bins in Maitland - Maitland Skip Bins

Here at Maitland Skip Bins, we take waste management seriously. Contact us now to talk to our expert staff regarding our services and the best option that will suit your project. Call us for a consultation available Monday to Saturday, or get in touch with us through our 24/7 online booking system.